Going baTtY?
Tuesday, March 09, 2004
  GoiNg BaTty? Cant sleep? Everywhere but in the moment? Think too much?

Couldn't sleep the other night and ironically stumbled across a book on how to get to sleep... it worked eventually..... zzzzz...

The ancient art of inversion therapy is here to help the world of insomniacs! HOORAY!
Inversion therapy is an ancient yogic practice...an art of reversing the effects of gravity & achieving complete relaxation.
It helps over active thinkers calm the mind & fall asleep.

All you need, is a wall to put your legs up or even a kids swing set, hang upside down or lay with your legs up the wall for up to 20 mins and hey presto...zzzzzz

93% of participants did it 10-20 mins & fell asleep in the next 15 mins... Thats results!

"Let your mind and body slow down."
Doin this twice a week can heal athsma, headaches & normalise blood pressure! It prevents varicose veins & swelling of the feet. Hushes mental chatter, reduces menstrual cramps, hypertension & urinary disorders...
On a deeper level, inversions can increase mental clarity, arouse a sense of child like playfulness & help you see life from a new perspective.
For more go to urbanyoga

And if all else fails and you cant get to sleep, take my personal advice; "Have a glass of wine and masturbate!" Chin chin' cheers, bottoms up. Ciao meow! 
Cure for INSOMNIA, this is sure to work! Trust me....

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